Apple killing off Mac Mini

It looks as if Apple's about to dig a rather small, square–shaped grave and lower its super–affordable and super cool Mac Mini into it. De

The news comes courtesy of Gizmodo, who reckon Apple has given out the word that there'll be no more Mac Minis up for order. While you can still nab one from the Apple Store, it might be worth heading over their quick, because they won't be doing the rounds much longer.

Starting at £399, the Mac Mini is the only affordable Apple computer left. And if it does prove that Cupertino is bringing an end to proceedings, the question is whether they'll introduce a replacement at MacWorld. With no plans for a netbook, it might be the case that Apple is abandoning the low–end market altogether.

What do you think? Is Apple right to kill off the Mac Mini? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Mac Mini

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