Apple iTV pops up as 40in HDTV in Best Buy survey

Has the retailer's imagination run away with it or does Best Buy know something about the rumoured TV set that we don't?

Since the Apple iTV rumours began, there's been plenty of renders and videos but when someone like Best Buy sends out a customer survey with a full-blow product description, the tech world sits up and listens.

So Best Buy might just be having its own stab at what Apple's got up its TV sleeve but the details themselves are still worth a look. The imaginary, future Apple HDTV is 40in, costs US$1499 and has Apple TV functionality. There's also App Store access – yes, Best Buy we've heard of Angry Birds – iCloud access plus AirPlay mirroring and remote control functions for devices like your iPhone or iPad. So no surprises there then.

Apple's iTV might also include iTunes and other entertainment apps like Netflix and YouTube – like any other Smart TV at the moment. And we're not sure where FaceTime walked off to but Best Buy reckons there'll be an iSight webcam and microphone for Skype video calls. All exciting stuff if it's true – just don't expect Cupertino to respond by letting anything out of the bag.

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