Apple iTV plans leaked

The future of television is AirPlay, mobile device synching and gesture controls, says Apple

Apple has revealed its plans to take over the world of TV, sharing its vision for iTV with some city fat cats, says the Wall Street Journal.

So other than it being a super high definition screen built by Sharp, what can we expect? Apple reckons its iTV future will be all about AirPlay, enabling you to start streaming a film on your TV and continue on your phone or tablet on the move. It has also confirmed the future of TV will – as many 80s TV shows predicted – be voice controlled, thanks to Siri.

Apple, in its infinite wisdom, will be personalising the iTV experience depending on which user is watching. Details are sketchy but it sounds much like the way Virgin’s TiVo box works, making recommendations based on what you watch. Apple's version will be more advanced, however, using all your mobile phone and tablet usage to assess what you like. Sounds good but we imagine Google (with all the dirt it has on everyone) will be able to do an even better job of this when it launches Google TV.

According to the WSJ, Apple's iTV will rely on wireless streaming technology to access TV shows and films – could Apple be trying to engineer a shift away from broadcast and satellite TV?

For the now the battle is just heating up, but when Sky dishes and TV aerials are used as weapons in the war between Apple, Google and Amazon TV – only internet TV may be left alive. Expect battle to commence in 2012.

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