Apple iTV future hinted by CEO Tim Cook

Cupertino’s top dog says Apple’s “hobby” could become “something larger.” Stuff reads between the lines

Remember how Apple CEO Tim Cook called Apple TV “a hobby”? Well, we’ve been speculating about the future of Apple’s TV dreams for a while now, and we’re hearing things moving in the right direction for a full-on iTV device.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Cook said Apple “doesn’t do hobbies as a general rule” and went on to say of Apple TV that “if we kept pulling that string, we might find something larger.”

Choose to read that how you will, but here at Stuff that’s got an exciting 2012 Apple iTV launch painted all over it. Perhaps our childish enthusiasm for shiny new things, paired with Apple’s enviable track record in rethinking existing tech, has got the better of us. Or perhaps we really are going to be staring down Apple’s new direction for the future of TV later this year. Our fingers, and eyes, remain firmly crossed.

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