Apple iTV to come in three sizes in 2012

Dates, sizes and even Siri details have surfaced that make Apple's rumoured TV sets even more exciting

Apple TV, or iTV, is going to be released next September 2012, according to sources of SmartHouse. The iTV is reported to come in three sizes including 32in and 55in models, all packed with Siri controls and iPad 3 processors.

It looks like we can expect more than just a smart TV from Apple as the iTV (55in, yes please) comes with the powerful processor destined to arrive in the iPad 3 – meaning at least dual-core A5 but more likely quad-core A6. The rumour mill has already pointed us towards a 2012 release and now this source has added fuel to the fire to suggest a September announcement from Apple.

With a giant Retina Display made by Sharp rumoured, and voice-controls thanks to Siri – this could be the convergence of TV and computer at home we’ve been waiting for. We’ll just have to wait a little longer, but with a price-tag expected to be double that of equivalent LG and Samsung sets – thanks to Apple integrated services – we’re going to start saving now.

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