Apple iTV to be called iPanel?

It’s not just a TV – Apple wants its new screen to be the centre of your life, nay, world

The Apple iTV, rumoured to be a super clear 50in television, may be more than that – hence its new name, the iPanel. Well, the fact that the TV channel ITV owns the rights to the "iTV" name might have something to do with the gadget's new moniker, too.

One analyst believes that Apple aims to push its share price to US$1,000 a pop by making a home entertainment panel that encourages everyone to own other Apple gadgets. As such it'll be known as iPanel – not just a TV but also a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, and new wife. We made the last one up, but it’ll likely replace a lot of human contact with FaceTime. Imagine the faces of your chums looming 40in large on your lounge wall. Try not to shudder.

The trusty analyst also added that Apple is doubling the size of its data centre in North Carolina – presumably to support a TV with streaming services. And with Apple working on a gaming controller, likely for the TV and perhaps its own streaming gaming service like OnLive, we’re very excited. Want to make an informed guess on what’s coming? Check out our Apple iTV rumour round-up.

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