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Live updates below: 19:11 And we're running for the hands-on area. Check back imminently for video and photos. And let us know what you thought in the

Live updates below:

19:11 And we're running for the hands-on area. Check back imminently for video and photos. And let us know what you thought in the comments.

19:10 Nora Jones reveals the "secret passages" and says she's "bad at secrets". She just played Come Away With Me, a whistful tune from her first album. Now we've getting one from the new one, it's a guitar strummer called Youngblood. She says she's glad Steve is well.

19:06 "One of the things that really drives us is, like you, we really love music." We're getting a live performance…it's Nora Jones. Oh, they don't like music THAT much then. "It's only rock'n'roll"? Really… Oh. 

19:05 It's people dancing in nice outfits colour co-ordinated with the video recording Nanos.

19:04 New colours too – polished, anodised aluminium. Lots more colours. Two models 8GB $149 and a 16GB $179. All available today. Hot dog. I am itching to get my hands on these. Here comes the ad…

19:03 If Nano is the one more thing, it looks like there's no Beatles.

19:02 And…there's an FM radio. "Finally," mutters the woman next to me. A pedometer and a voicerecorder also added. It'll also work with Nike+. Seriously crammed new kit into it.

19:01 IPod Nano, most popular music player in the world. Voiceover is being added to the Nano too and Genius Mixes are in there too.

19:00 Video goes straight in to iVideo and will post with one click to Youtube.

19:00 A fifth as thick and a tenth as large as the Flip Video. The demo video is kids jumping in to the sea from a jetty. How wholesome. 

18:58 There is one more thing…it's a video camera. No-one saw that coming. Apple's going to battle the Flip. "This market's exploded and we want to get in on this." There first camera – 8GB and it's going to be…FREE. "This is the new Apple isn't it?" Video cameras will be built-in to the new iPod Nano, intergrate video recorder, speaker and microphone.

18:57 A special edition is here too. It's made of polished steel. If you like that sort of thing.

18:57 Shuffle gets 5 new colours and a 2Gb cheaper model. All shipping today.

18:56 IPod Shuffle? Time for an update to that already? "It's so easy, customers have asked us to offer more headphones." Clever way of saying – hey, customers were irritated that they were stuck with these terrible ones that come in the box. Green Day get another plug – they're not turning up are they.

18:55 iPod Classic gets bumped up to 160GB. Oh god, I want one. It'll store 40,000 songs.

18:54 There's a new iPod ad. It's got a Tommy Sparks soundtrack (She's Got Me Dancing). His accountant will be very happy.

18:51 The iPod Touch is getting a price cut down to $199 for the 8GB iPod Touch. There'll now be a 64GB iPod Touch for $399. How good will our price cut be? We'll find out for you. There's also a speed bump (50% faster) and improved graphics.

18:46 Travis Boatman, head of their mobile studio, takes the stage. "This is a game that's been around for twenty years…it's…Madden NFL". Oh. Not proper football then. Admittedly, it does have amazing graphics.

18:46 Final developer in the gaming section, EA. OK, let's see what they've got.

18:45 There's multiple weapons and the game's graphics look amazing. You can also add your own music to the game. "Listen to your own music while you're out there fragging aliens!" Dude! OK. He didn't say dude but he was definitely tempted. You can play multiplayer via Bluetooth and Wifi. It ships later this year.

18:44 Now Mark Hickey from GameLoft takes to the stage. He seems a little young to do a keynote! The game is Nova. A FPS where you fight aliens.

18:43 is creating custom content for the game and this month's My Gadget Life star Tiesto is making levels too.

18:41 Rhythm Ribbon – you race down the groove and need to hit the beats. He's demonstrating it with Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. You can take turns to switch in to remixes. It looks ace. Music sounds dreadful though.

18:40 Now it's time for Tapulous. I love their rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge and it seems Phil does too. He's promising us a game that mixes music and racing. That sounds bobbins but who knows. Here's their founder, Bart.

18:39 November 11 – launch day for the Assassin's Creed iPhone game.

18:38 Ubisoft on stage. We're getting Assassin's Creed 2 content on the iPhone and iPod Touch. We knew this already. It's going to be a side scrolling platformer but it zooms in nicely to show the fights and kills close up. You can add your own face to the wanted posters using your photo library.

18:37 Phil compares the amount of games on the App Store to the ones available on the other handheld consoles. Guess what, they come out poorly.

18:34 Now he's giving props to Facebook and Twitter on the iPod Touch. And he's on to games. He's talking about the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP – "When these things came out they seemed so cool…" Serious battering being delivered to competitors today. Apple coming out with fists flying.

18:33 Phil's talking up how brilliant Safari is. Give us Flash, then it'll be the real deal.

18:32 Genius Mixes are coming to the iPod Touch too.

18:30 Apple has sold 20m iPod Touch devices. Phil waits for the clap. It comes after a while. "Why so many iPod Touchs so quickly?" asks Phil. He runs through the features. Yes, it is a great iPod Phil, we get it.

18:29 Smackdown on Microsoft: "Pulling up the rear at just 1%" Zing!

18:28 Here comes Phil Schiller to give us the skinny on iPods. Interesting to see how Jobs is pretty much just acting as MC.

"If you haven't heard," says Phil, "The iPod's been a big hit." Oh you modest swine.

18:26 There's also an "iTunes LP" style feature for videos called iTunes Extras (it's essentially DVD extras but bunged in to iTunes). iTunes 9 seems to be a smart evolution of iTunes making the bloated beast a little more useable. Nothing brain breakingly exciting. iTunes 9 is available today to download for free. Good.

18:24 He's now showing exclusive video of Ray Manzarek talking about forming the band with Jim Morrison. Wow, what a kerrazy guy!

18:23 iTunes LP: he's demonstrating with a Doors album. You get the lyrics as the song plays and there are classic photos of the band. You can flip through the images in a coverflow mode and go full screen.

18:21 There's a new navigation bar in the iTunes Store. The whole thing looks a lot more easy to use and you can preview tracks from the charts and buy therm directly from there too. There's also quick views and previews for albums from the front page. He demonstrates with Kings Of Leon. Best band of the keynote so far.

Wishlists have been added and you can share links from the store to Facebook and Twitter. There's that social media integration we were waiting for. Wishlists is the best new feature so far in my humble opinion.

18:20 You can also set it up to automatically show you what new content other libraries have added. Convenient.

18:19 Home sharing – enter you iTunes account and password and you'll get a list of computers in your home that you can share. You'll see everything including apps. He's chosen to play Coldplay. Is all of Apple this middle-of-the-road? 

18:19 There's a master list of apps – click on the app name and it'll jump to the page where it is. You can also search through the apps you own. You can also rearrange whole pages moving them up and down.

18:18 Jeff Robin is up to demonstrate the new iTunes (iTunes 9). He needs to undo his top button. He's showing us how to organise your apps in iTunes. It lets you see virtual screens on your iPhone and drag them to new pages. It's going to be seriously convenient.

18:15 iTunes LP "Some of us are old enough to remember LPs…it was great," says wistful Steve. iTunes LP is a way of bundling liner notes, artwork, videos and "all sorts of stuff". This'll be that Cocktail we'd heard about then. Steve's picking seriously old school acts – Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead. He says artists will be able to get involved too, so expect packages from bands imminently I'd say.

18:14 the iTunes Store is redesigned too.

18:13 New home sharing will let you copy songs across 5 authorised computers in your house. This is pretty badass. You can stream content from other libraries as now but you can now drag songs and copy them in to you library. You'll also be able to see which songs you don't have yet.

18:12 A way to sync applications and arrange them also added.

18:11 New way to sync playlist – pick artists, genres, playlists to sync. In photos, on a Mac you can now choose to sync events and particular faces. Movies – possible to pick the latest three movies and "…I always want Ratouille."

18:10 Applying the Genius tech to Genius Mixes, it's an automatic DJ which will pick songs from your playlist. It will make up to 12 stations that will continue playing songs that go well together from your library. "It's like a great DJ or radio station," says Steve.

18:09 NEW – iTunes 9. It's getting Genius Mixes. "iTunes Genius is pure genius," says Steve. People have submitted 54bn songs. The Genius database draws on that information.

18:08 Music – starting with iTunes. It's now the number 1 music retailer in the world. It's sold 8.5bn songs and has 100,000,000 iTunes accounts active.

18:07 Ringtones coming to the iTunes Store, 30,000 ringtones from the big for record labels. $1.50 in the US. OS 3.1, free download, available today.

18:06 Something new for iPhone and iPod Touch users – iPhone OS 3.1. Genius has been applied to apps in the app store. It'll now recommend apps to you just like Genius recommends songs. It does it based on what you own. There's a new button next to new and what's hot in the App Store app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Recommendations will improve over time.

18:05 Steve is talking iPhone and apps – 30m iPhones, 1.8bn applications downloaded.

18:04 "So I'm vertical," he jokes. "Today we get to talk about music." He's got Phil Schiller and Jeff Robbins, iTunes guy, to join him.

18:03 "I'm very happy to be here today with you all. As some of you may know, 5 months ago I had a liver transplant. I now have the liver of a mid-20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs. I wouldn't be here without that generosity. I hope we can all be that generous and become organ donors. I'd like to thank everyone in the Apple community for their thoughts and support." Jobs is back folks. People clap in London even though he can't hear them. 

18:02 It's Steve Jobs!

18:00 Now seeing live footage of the stage in San Francisco. Big glowing Apple on a blue background. Nothing else doing. Fingers crossed for excitement.

17:58 "It's only rock'n'roll but we like it" says the exec as he leaves the stage. Rolling Stones now playing. Could we see an appearance from The Rolling Stones? Now that I would like.

17:45 The iPhone kiosks in Apple stores are going to be refreshed. Well, that makes sense with new iPods coming today. But what might those lovely little beasts be? Cameras, you say. Why yes. But surely something else too.

17:53 Apple stores feature "highly trained motivation consultants". For those of you following along at home, they're also known as "shop assistants".

17:52 Apple's launching an Apple Store at the Louvre in Paris. Well, now there's a reason to go to that place. Mona who?

17:49 Macbooks are super-successful too, he says, and the iPhone has 69% UK market share. Wowsa.

17:46 Gameloft have sold 6m iPhone applications.

17:44 A European Apple exec is talking about the iPhone 3GS and how successful it is. Really? I hadn't realised.

17.37 We're in the special "Live Blogging". Basically that means we've got plugs and we're stuck at the back.

17:32 We've had Mika, now we're being treated to some Euro-pop. This feels like one of those psychological war experiments from the Vietnam War.

17.19 Current music: terrible soft rock.

17.15 Sat at the Apple event, ready to bring you all the news of the new iPods, iTunes and fingers crossed, Beatles on iTunes and the Apple Tablet.

We'll be skipping down to the latest Apple event in London this evening, and you can be in on the action.

We'll be live blogging direct from the event as it happens, so check back to this blog post at 5.55pm, ready for the start at 6pm. Keep your refresh finger limber.

In the meantime, check out our Apple event rumour round-up for what we're expecting to see.