Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 components leaked

Speaker parts from Apple's next version of the iPhone appear in the wild – are we about to be hit by several iPhones at once?

It looks like Apple is gearing up to release several new iPhones in 2013 – including an iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. That's if these leaked images showing speaker components from French blog are to be believed.

According to their source in the supply chain, Apple is set to release both an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6 in 2013. The iPhone 5S – an improved version of the current iPhone 5 – will reportedly land between March and July this year.

That tallies with a recent analyst's report that the iPhone 5S will drop in June – which goes on to suggest that the successor to the iPhone 5 will feature NFC and will be available in a range of colours, similar to the latest iPod Touch.

A second, smaller speaker component is purportedly from an "iPhone 6" due for release at the end of the year, though it's possible that it could be a part from either the iPhone Mini or 4.8in iPhone rumoured to be in the offing.

If Cupertino is prepping a plus-size iPhone, it looks like Apple's feeling threatened by phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Huawei Ascend Mate – just as the iPad Mini was a riposte to the Google Nexus 7. Would you pick up a giant iPhone 6? Let us know on Twitter.

[ via CNET]

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