Apple iPhone 5? Why the Nokia Lumia 920 is the real innovator

We’re not bashing Apple’s new phone, but if there’s some slack in its historical zest for invention, we know who’s picking it up

There are plenty of people quick to slate a new iPhone (or iPad) when it comes out. Let’s be honest, unless Apple brings out an octagonal hoverphone, they’re going to moan. But Apple has shifted from invention to refinery, and that’s left a gap in the market. Here are the five ways in which Nokia’s Lumia 920 is more innovative than the Apple iPhone 5…

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The touchless touchscreen

Will you be able to use your iPhone 5 while wearing gloves? No, not unless you’ve bought some special conductive mitts for the purpose. Take a bow, Nokia – cold climate dwellers, cyclists and dental hygienists salute your innovative glove-friendly touchscreen.

Wireless charging

Okay, okay, so the Palm Pre had wireless charging back in 2009, but its revival by Nokia represents a first decent shot at the mainstream. And we think it’ll sway plenty of potential punters towards some Windows Phone 8-flavoured hardware instead of a fruitier choice. Talking of which…

Windows Phone 8

Or should we just say Windows 8? Let’s face it, Microsoft is making more changes under the bonnet of its operating system than Apple has dared to for years. You can argue that Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems are more refined, but you can’t argue that the pace of progress is in Microsoft’s sails.


Near Field Communication (NFC) hasn’t made much of a foothold in our lives because the only way a universal technology can gain universal appeal is to appear, well, universally. Strictly speaking not an innovation (Android was first to the NFC party), but Nokia’s inclusion of NFC highlights Apple’s disdain for an emerging technology it doesn’t own a piece of.


Did Apple brag about new camera skills in the iPhone 5? Yes it did. Has it changed much since the iPhone 4S? Nope. Meanwhile Nokia’s Lumia 920 has PureView tech for extra light capture, plus optical (the good sort) of image stabilisation. Crash bang wallop… that’ll be the sound of Nokia giving Apple one on the chin.

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