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Apple iPhone 5 – review round-up

You've read our our excellent in-depth review (haven't you?) – but what did the rest of the interwebs make of Apple's new iPhone?

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably just finished our (rather excellent) full in-depth iPhone 5 review which sent Apple’s latest iPhone 5 straight to the top of our Top 10 smartphone list. And if you haven’t, go and read it now.

So, you’ve heard from the Gadget experts gracing the hallowed halls of Stuff Towers – but what did the rest of the interwebs make of Apple’s flagship Android rival?

Charles Arthur over at the The Guardian thinks that the iPhone 5 is “a lovely piece of equipment,” and despite that the fact that Android gives you more control than iOS 6, fewer decisions make for a faster mobile experience.

The Telegraph‘s Shane Richmond echoes our sentiments, noting that “the iPhone 5 is arguably the most beautiful object Apple has ever produced” and going on to state that it’s “probably the most beautiful smartphone ever made.” We can almost hear Sir Jonathan Ive and the rest of Apple’s design team high-fiving from here.

Engadget‘s Tim Stevens had a few critical comments amidst the heaps of praise – particularly directed at the Lightning connector which “hits all the right marks, but… comes short in a number of areas,” thanks to its dock incompatibility issues and USB 2.0 speed limitations.

Vincent Nguyen from Slashgear praises Apple’s control over its hardware and software, providing “none of the jitters that can even affect the most powerful pre-Jelly Bean devices”. He goes on to state that the iPhone 5’s camera “truly rivals a dedicated point and shoot” with smoother video and less-noisy 1080p footage to boot.

Pocket-Lint‘s Stuart Miles notes that small scuffs “won’t be as noticeable on the white model because the metal edging is silver”, which is something for gadgeteers with one eye on the resale value to take into consideration.

Stay tuned for more review updates throughout the day.

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