Apple iPhone 5 nano SIM confirmed

Think you’ll be slotting your iPhone 4S’s SIM card straight into your upgraded Apple mobile? Think again

Apple’s never been shy of rocking the format boat when it comes to SIM cards (or anything else for that matter). When it announced its iPhone 4 (the last major design refresh of its keystone handset), it introduced the micro SIM. Now, with the iPhone 5, it’s taken the next step and brought in the nano SIM.

As rumoured, the Californian computer, tablet and phone maker has even taken pains to point out on its spec page that the “iPhone 5 is not compatible with existing micro SIM cards.” And if you’re afraid of sharp knives, we’d say that’s probably correct, though we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to trim down a micro SIM to nano size easily enough. It wasn’t exactly rocket science to homebrew a micro SIM from a standard SIM.

We’ll find out soon enough, but don’t expect to make the transition without getting your network – or the cutlery drawer – involved.

UPDATE: Read our in depth iPhone 5 review 

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