Apple iPhone 5 could simply be called the iPhone

Surprise surprise. But what's really in a name anyway, especially with a rumoured quad-core A6 processor in the works?

After heated debates on the iPad 3 vs iPad HD moniker, the tech world was taken by surprise when Apple decided to scrap the iPad numbering system altogether, keeping the new iPad in line with its numberless MacBook and iPod range.

Now it appears that a source close to 9to5mac told the site two weeks ago that Apple's next iPhone (the iPhone 5), will also follow suit and will just be known as the iPhone.

It might not take a rocket scientist to work that out after the new iPad launch, but a lot of beliefs and rumours can swiftly crumble after the dust has settled on an Apple event.

If true it looks like the long-awaited iPhone 5 will never see the light of day (in name at least), but that's not quenching our anticipation at its rumoured quad-core A6 processor one little bit.

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