Apple iPhone 4S pre-sales are off to an impressive start

Surprise, surprise – the iPhone 4S is more coveted than earmuffs at a Justin Bieber concert

US carrier AT&T has reported that an impressive 200,000 iPhone 4S units have been sold in the first 12 hours of pre-order availability, making the launch Apple's most successful to date. Not a bad effort for a device whose 3.5in screen and un-changed form factor has proven to be a disappointment for some.

We’re sure that Apple is working its suppliers around the clock to churn out as many units as possible to meet the insatiable appetite of the gluttonous Apple faithful, although delivery estimates of one to two weeks are now being displayed on Apple’s UK store.

This will no doubt be a disappointment for those of you who were hoping to snap up an iPhone 4S on its October 14th release date, so congratulations to those of you who managed to get your pre-orders in early enough – your devotion will soon be rewarded.


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