Apple iPen stylus incoming?

Someone in Cupertino's sketched out some stylus plans and patented them – will we be seeing an iPen with the next Apple device?

Lookie here: Apple's been toying around with the idea of introducing an iPen (our name) to use with its devices and here's the patent to prove it. According to the plans, this optical stylus would work like any other but could also be haptic so that you can feel when the stylus is making contact with the touchscreen.

We're innocently believing that Apple would only patent such an accessory if it had plans to release one, of course. To any naysayers suggesting Cupertino filed the claim back in 2010 to sue phone and tablet manufacturers who went down the stylus route, we're clamping our hands over our ears.

Were you fans of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note? Would the iPad's arty apps be enhanced with an Apple-made stylus? Let us know in the comments.

via Engadget

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