Apple iPad vs Kindle DX

The iPad – with its iBookstore – is set to open a can of digital bookworms when it appears this spring. But can it unseat the ruling king of ereaders

The iPad – with its iBookstore – is set to open a can of digital bookworms when it appears this spring. But can it unseat the ruling king of ereaders – Amazon’s Kindle DX? Let’s take a look at the chances...



Look at me!’ screams the iPad with its glossy colour screen and fancy page turn renders. But while that backlit display refreshes quicker than the Kindle’s and has a whole lot of multitouch tricks up its shiny sleeve, the latter’s e-Ink tech is as easy to read as paper – and far more suited to textual gluttony.

Winner: Kindle DX


Battery life

We’re going to be fair here: the iPad has incredible battery life for an LCD screen: 10 hours. But E-Ink is the king of long life display tech, since it only uses power only to change the image, not to keep displaying it. That’s why, with a week of reading time (two with the wireless off), the Kindle takes this round.

Winner: Kindle DX



Despite its comparatively austere appearance, the Kindle isn’t without a fun side. There are plenty of games and puzzles available, so long as you’re looking for sudoku, not Need For Speed: Undercover. The iPad’s video and gaming prowess has this round in a solid lock.

Winner: iPad



Amazon made its name selling books; Apple didn’t. Apple also didn’t make its name selling records, but it’s done a pretty good job of that. The Kindle’s industry contacts give it the edge in the short term, but don’t think Apple won’t flex every fibre of its buying muscle to change that in the long run. Both support over-the-air downloads.

Winner: Kindle DX



Sorry, Kindle. We’re just not that into you (in a shallow, aesthetically-focussed way). The iPad shuns your button-heavy facade in favour of a huge capacitive touchscreen, and that’s what all the girls are wearing these days. Sure you might be skinnier at a third of an inch over the iPad’s half, but we’re all over those Apple curves.

Winner: iPad



With the Kindle DX knocking $10 off the iPad’s $499 entry point, this is shaping up to be a scrappy round. But with bestsellers from Amazon priced between $12-14 versus iBookstore’s $13-15, that could soon translate into more than loose change. If you add 3G data to the iPad, costs start to skyrocket, so despite increased functionality, as an ereader the Kindle swipes it.

Winner: Kindle DX



The DX didn’t quite walk it, but it’s a comfortable victory for Amazon’s finest if all you’re after is an ereader. For the record, if this had come down to a tie-breaker, the iPad would have lost anyway, if only because there remains some doubt about when the iBookstore will be available internationally. We’d hedge that by saying that, given a year, the outcome of this battle could be very different.

Overall winner: Kindle DX


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