Apple iPad Mini parts leak as production begins

While iPad Mini backs leak in the Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reports production has begun – coincidence?

Apple iPad Mini stories are being churned out of the rumour mill almost daily now – suggesting the reported October 10th event invite could be a reality. Now an iPad Mini backplate has been revealed – along with news of production lines starting.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that iPad Mini production is now underway, and at the same time this rumoured iPad Mini part has leaked from Ukranian iPhone – more than just luck we think. The part reveals a 7.85in screen, an anodized black material, SIM card tray, and antenna spacers like the iPhone. There’s also a digitiser in white, suggesting that the iPad Mini will come in two colour variants – no surprises there, since Apple has offered black and white options for the likes of the iPhone 5 and the iPad.

So if it turns out that Apple is launching the iPad Mini on October 10th for a rumoured October 17th release, will you consider buying this likely more affordable version of the iPad? Let us know on Twitter.

[Ukranian iPhone and WSJ via Engadget]

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