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Apple iPad Mini to cost just £200

A leaked pricing sheet has revealed the iPad Mini will leave room in your pocket, not your wallet

Now we almost certainly know the iPad Mini is coming on October 23rd, it was only a matter of time before a retailer revealed its pricing sheet. German site MobileGeeks was the one to get the list which shows a wallet-friendly £200 price.

So the 8GB model, which is listed as €249, will translate to £200 or US$320. But as we know Apple varies its price per region seemingly on a whim. But to compete with the similar sized Google Nexus 7 at £160 and the Amazon Kindle Fire at £130, the Mini can’t be much pricier. Although the top end 64GB 3G (and possibly 4G) model will sting a hefty €649 (£522, US$837).

So if £200 is all this 7.85in iPad sets you back, will you be at the front of the queue? Or are you too excited about the new Windows 8 revolution, launching on October 29th, to even remember where your local Apple shop is based?

[MobileGeeks via CNET]

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