Apple iPad Air launch live blog – tune in here at 6pm

It's new iPad day again. Grab some snacks, settle down in your favourite chair and join us here for all the action
Apple iPad liveblog

Apple is serving up a host of goodies this evening – we expect to see two new iPads, Mac OS X Mavericks, a refreshed Macbook Pro and the barmy-yet-powerful cylindrical Mac Pro all make an appearance.

If you want to know everything as it unfolds then join us here at 6pm, where our battle-ready Stuff gadgeteers will be live-blogging directly from the trenches. 

In the meantime, why not refresh your memory by checking out everything we think we know about the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 so far, as well as our Mac OS X Mavericks preview


19:24 We've just seen the iPad Air advert. The presentation is done, Tim's gone - but there is a hands-on area, so stay tuned to Stuff for our first impressions of everything we've seen tonight.

19:21 It feels like a wrap-up. Time for a One More Thing? iWatch, anyone? Or Apple TV?

19:19 iPad Air doesn't have Touch ID! Godammit.

19:18 And it does get the A7 chip - that's a massive step up from the A5 in the iPad Mini. It costs US$399 and US$529 with LTE. The original iPad Mini now costs US$299.

19:17 But it IS going Retina. 7.9in, 2048x1536, which by our reckoning gives this the highest pixel density of any tablet.

19:16 Betcha it doesn't get an A7 chip.

19:16 And now we're talking iPad Mini. Say it's Retina, Phil!

19:16 We predict EPIC SALES.

19:15 Another detail: the iPad Air has 802.11n with MIMO for up to 300Mbps Wi-Fi speeds.

19:13 The battery is smaller, says Jony Ive (on video, as always), but battery life remains the same. We do hope so, Jony.

19:12 iPad Air will be available on November 1. Not long, guys.

19:12 The iPad 2 lives another day! It costs US$399.

19:12 It's available in silver and space grey. Replaces the iPad 4, costs US$499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi, and $629 with LTE.

19:11 And its 4G LTE will work with your UK network of choice. No EE exclusivity here.

19:11 Graphics are twice as quick as the iPad 4's A6x, and 72 x as quick as the original iPad's.

19:10 Inside is an A7 (not an A7x as we predicted, so no boosted graphics), but it comes with the M7 for motion awareness.

19:09 "The lightest full-size tablet in the world", says Phil.

19:08 It's down from 1.4lb to 1lb. That's 454g in new money.

19:07 The bezel at the size has been smallerised, and it's 7.5mm thick compared to the 9.4mm of iPad 4.

19:07 It's a big iPad Mini! As suspected. Thinner, lighter, and it has a new name: iPad Air.

19:06 First, the 9.7in model. "We've made the biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is iPad".

19:05 Here comes Phil Schiller to talk about The Next Generation Of iPad.

19:04 It's video time: lots of people doing lots of very clever things with iPads. Combine harvesting. Ice skating. Diving. Shipwreck-exploring. Weighing vegetables. Ballooning. Picking grapes, Rallying. Hang gliding. Dancing. Doctoring. Animating. DJing. Great Wall of China-ing. We could go on, but won't. 

19:02 There are 475,000 apps designed for iPad on the App Store, "not the stretched out smartphone apps our competitors are doing." Ooh. Burn.

19:00 "Anyone who thinks this is a game-changer is a tool" is up on screen. Oops. iPads have sold 170 million units so far, and 81 per cent of tablet net traffic is on iPads.

18:59 Next up: iPad.

18:58 "We are turning the industry on its ear" says Tim. Is that a known phrase?

18:57 Tim Cook's back on stage. "I can't wait to hear the new album".

18:57 Free is today's theme. It's a good theme. Can we have a free iPad 5?

18:57 "You can even collaborate with a friend stuck on a PC", quips Eddy Cue. And all of the apps are free on Mac ond iOS, and you can download them today.

18:55 That means Eddy and his buddy can mess about with Eddy Cue's fake album cover simultaneously. The demo a bit awkward. Although the audience is laughing at every edit!

18:54 iWork for iCloud is getting collaboration. 

18:52 Although Keynote's got some neat tricks. It's getting a bit like Prezi, particularly the physics effects.

18:50 And now Eddy's on about iWork. All rebuilt from the ground up for Mac and iOS. They look nice. Next!

18:49 Ooh, more FREE stuff. iMovie, Garageband and iMovie are all free on Mac and iOS, and available today.

18:48 You can add more drumming styles by sessions drummers as an in-app purchase. Is this Apple's first ever in-app purchase?

18:47 It also has a new feature that will auto-fill your recording with a drum track.

18:46 Garageband on iPhone 5s (and any other 64-bit iOS device - iPad 5, mayhaps?) supports recording of up to 32 tracks. That's more than many professionally recorded tracks.

18:45 iMovie Theatre - anything you make in iMovie now has iCloud integrated, so it's shared across everything, including Apple TV.

18:44 And now, iMovie. iPhone and iPad can now do slow-mo effects and picture in picture.

18:43 iPhoto has been revamped for iOS 7: now you can make Photobooks on your iPad, too. (You could do it on your Mac already). Real-life books can be laid out, Apple will print them and send them to your doorstep.

18:43 Loving Eddy Cue's collar and cuffs. Sharp-dressed man.

18:42 We're done on Mac Pro. Here's Eddy Cue, and he's talking apps.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

18:41 We're watching a video of the Mac Pro being made. The factory looks like a spaceship. I want to work at that factory.

18:39 All that, and it looks like a lovely bin!

18:39 At idle it uses 70% less energy than the existing Mac Pro, and eats 12W. That slays most small form-factor, low-power PCs. Phil Schiller claims it's as quiet as a Mac Mini, too.

18:38 It ain't cheap: US$2999 for 3.7GHz Xeon E5 with 256GB SSD, 12GB of RAM and 2GB of dedicated graphics RAM.

18:37 "This is the perfect computer for the recording studio, says Stuart Price of Lady Gaga-producing fame.

18:36 Dean Devlin says "The Mac Pro makes real-time 4K video editing a reality'. This is one of the guys behind Independence Day.

18:35 Its HDMI port has HDMI 2.0 - so it's good for HDMI monitoring, too.

18:35 Wowser. It can support up to three 4K displays.

18:34 But does it run Crysis?

18:34 Packs AMD FirePro graphics with up to 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. That allows up to 7 teraflops of processing - eat that, PS4 and Xbox One.

18:33 You can have up to 64GB 1866MHz RAM

18:32 It packs an Intel Xeon E5 with up to 12 cores. TWELVE.

18:32 It's 1/8 as big as the previous generation of Mac Pro. It's pretty awesome, truth be told.

18:31 Ooh, bongo-computer time. Here's the Mac Pro.

Macbook Pros

18:31 There's no talk of non-Retina MacBooks. It was nice knowing you guys. Is that the end of the optical drive, then?

18:30 Anyway - it's down from US$2199 to $1999. That's with a quad-core i7 and 256GB SSD.

18:30 Anyone know what a Crystalwell is?

18:30 ...and now we're on to the 15in MacBook Pro. It has an Intel Crystalwell processor, with Intel Iris Pro and Nvidia GT 750 M. Up to 8 hours of battery, 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

18:29 It's come down from US$1499 to US$1299. That's with a 128GB SSD, dual-core 2.4GHz i5.

18:28 It's The Dark Knight, Phil - not The Black Night. But we'll forgive you.

18:27 We're talking updates to the 13in MacBook Pro. It's thinner and lighter, packs Intel Haswell with Iris graphics and up to 9 hours of battery. The graphics are supposedly 90% faster than before.

18:26 Stuff just got namechecked by Phil Schiller. MASSIVE WIN. Thanks Phil.

18:25 Hardware right back to the 2007 Mac Mini will work with Mavericks.

18:25 The crowd loves this, and so do we.

18:24 Free upgrade for everyone running Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion. And it's available TODAY. I was wrong.

18:23 (as in, cost-free. You can't download it just yet)

18:23 Oh, new info! Pricing. Mavericks is FREE!

18:22 Craig Federighi is tech's new pinup.

18:22 I don't know how Apple's execs manage to wear untucked shirts that managed to look so well pressed throughout the duration of their stressful demos. That is the real magic of Apple.

18:21 Means you don't have to store your card details with dodgy online retailers any more. You get to entrust them all to Apple instead!

18:20 Keychain can now store all of your credit card details, as well as the passwords you're used to. That's neat.

18:19 Federighi's wife just IMed him - she's called Hair Force Two. We like self-deprecation.

18:18 Federighi's entering demo mode. He's playing with iBooks and Pages documents right now. Mission to Mars is the theme. You can drag words from ebooks to Pages - man, it's going to be so easy to plagiarise great stuff!

18:16 The rest of what we're hearing is straight outta WWDC. Check out our Mavericks preview here for more detail.

18:15 The talk is pretty techie. Mavericks can use OpenCL to leverage the computing power of graphics chips - apparently, this'll improve performance with certain tasks by 1.8x.

18:14 If you stick Mavericks on the latest 13in MacBook Air, Craig reckons you'll get an extra hour of web browsing or 1.5 hours of iTunes video out of it.

18:13 Mavericks is the 10th OS X. "We wanted to upgrade your hardware with code".

18:12 Craig 'The Hair' Federighi has hit the stage. "Let's talk about OS X"

18:11 "Our competition is different. They're confused. Now they're trying to turn tablets into PCs. We still believe deeply in this category."

18:10 iPhone's finished. Now Tim Cook's talking Mac.

18:08 Tim's talking iTunes Radio. 20 million users have listened to a billion songs in a month. When do we get it in the rest of the world, Tim?

18:08 5 days after launch, over 200 million people were using iOS 7 - Tim says nearly two thirds of iOS users are on iOS 7 right now.

18:07 The Americans are clapping at the people queuing. That's cheering people waiting in line for a phone. Madness.

18:06 (It's still total madness if you ask us, and we love these gadgets too.)

18:06 Say what you like, Android fans - on this video, there are huge numbers of people queuing for iPhones. Who queued for an HTC One?

18:05 We're starting with iPhone. The 5s and 5c launch was the biggest ever - 9 million were sold in the first weekend. That's many, many phones. 

 18:03 ...and here's Tim Cook. Back in black, again.

18:03 We saw this Apple philosophy video at WWDC - 'There are a thousand nos for every yes'

18:00 The Kings of Leon finish... and we're on. A video to start.

And we're in

Apple iPad launch

17:59 And we're live! The stream's coming up on screen.

17:56 Amazingly, we haven't heard any preppy indie pop yet. There's still time.

17:55 And we're in - an underground bunker at King's Place in London is our venue. It's muggy outside. Thank goodness for the quality air-con. Hundreds of tech journos don't always smell good.

14:20: The Apple Store is down. It's almost as if it's getting ready for something(s).