Apple iPad Air incoming

Is Cupertino planning to launch an Asus Transformer Prime rival?

The Apple iPad Air – bet it’s the fist time you’ve heard that name. That’s because it’s the first time it’s been used. Recent news stories have nodded towards its existence, and Apple’s latest acquisition of a flash memory company lends weight to the notion.

The iPad 3 has been at the heart of many a rumour, including its 2048x1536 Retina Display, which was also linked to the new MacBook Pro’s 2880x1800 Retina Display. But with news of a more powerful MacBook Air on the way, there may be no need for the MacBook Pro anymore. Now Apple's bought a flash memory company, which further supports its goal of extending flash memory and doing away with spinning drives (and the MacBook Pro) altogether.

Now we’ve discovered an Apple patent that uses a completely new 3D knitted material to create strong but lightweight materials for components – namely a keyboard. Could this be the adjoining keyboard for the iPad Air that combines the iPad, Macbook Pro and MacBook Air in an almighty super gadget? And with the powerful quad-core A6 chip coming to the new iPad 3, is there any need for anything more than the iPad Air?

Admittedly this combination of gadgets might not happen in the next generation of Apple devices, as the iPad 3, iTV, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air updates are imminent. But for Apple, the iPad Air seems like the next logical step to take, as the Asus Transformer Prime has already proved there's an appetite for a single convergence device that brings together the laptop and the tablet. Now it's time for Apple to wow us with the iOS version.

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