Apple iPad 3 will be the same price as the iPad 2 at launch

Have you been meticulously saving up for Apple's third-gen iTablet? Hopefully you won't have to go above and beyond the current price tag

Those of you who have been fretting over a possible price bump in the new iPad 3 (or iPad HD) can rest a bit easier as 9to5mac's source, Mr. X has reported that the iPad 3 model pricing will be the same as their current iPad 2 equivalents.

The memory configurations are also reported as being the same, with 16/32/64GB versions reportedly on offer. Sadly there's been nothing to suggest that a 128GB model is on the cards, for now at least.

Feel free to catch up on all of the latest iPad 3 gossip in our Apple iPad 3 rumour round up before patiently waiting for Wednesday, where all will mercifully be revealed.

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