Apple iPad 3 display has leaked – 2048x1536 retina display is confirmed

It looks like one of the many rumours about Apple’s next-gen tablet has been confirmed at long last

Mac Rumours has managed to get its hands on an honest-to-goodness iPad 3 display, and has measured it to have a whopping 2048x1536 resolution – double that of the iPad 2’s screen.

The leaked iPad 3’s 9.7in screen was placed under a microscope and was found to pack in 16 pixels in comparison to the iPad 2’s 4 pixels in the same measured area. This means that the iPad 3’s screen will measure in at 263.8ppi, and although this isn’t quite as high as the iPhone 4/4S’s 326ppi, it’s still high enough to warrant a ‘retina display’ label.

The extra resolution will result in super sharp images and the inability to distinguish between different pixels with the naked eye, and we can only hope that the other persistent rumours of a quad-core A6 processor to power the extra resolution will also turn out to be true.

This new breed of larger retina display also adds fuel to the recent rumours of a next generation of retina display-toting MacBooks, which would offer retina display resolutions at even larger screen sizes.

We’ll be sure to bring you every scrap of iPad 3 information between now and its purported March 7 launch day, but in the meantime feel free to recap on all the rumours in our Apple iPad 3 rumour round-up.

Alternatively you can indulge in some tech fantasy by looking through our some of the best iPad 3 concepts.

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