Apple iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to be larger

Bucking the trend of smaller gadgets, Apple is upping the size of its iThings along with the specs

Apple is taking a different tack from its rivals, moving away from creating slimmer and slimmer gadgets – it's planning to release a thicker iPad 3 with better specs and an iPhone 5 with a bigger screen.

If gadgets got any smaller we’d lose them more readily than Amazon lost its UK shipping forms for the Kindle Fire – so Apple has decided to add a super bright 2048x1536px Retina Display in the iPad 3, lit with dual LED-light bars, at a cost of an extra 0.7mm added to the body. The iPhone 5 is also set for a size boost, jumping up 8mm in length to house a rumoured 4in screen.

iLounge’s source, a trusted insider, claimed that both devices will need the extra room for LTE functionality – not a great concern for this 4G-free nation of the UK. Although if there’s also a bigger LTE-supporting battery that gives more than a single day’s life, a bit of extra size isn’t a bad thing.

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