Apple iPad 2 rumours begin again

With just days until Apple lifts the lid on its new tablet, the rumour mill has started to churn

Rumours in the lead-up to a major Apple launch are as expected as rain before a storm. And the first spots have started to tap on the Stuff umbrella ahead of the expected iPad 2 announcement on Wednesday (2nd of March).

Further to our iPad 2 predictions, sources have spilled some insider knowledge to Engadget, namely that plans to include an SD card slot have fallen by the wayside, while that the screen will be the same resolution as the first-gen tablet, not the expected hi-res glass.

The good news is an expected RAM bump to 512MB and more powerful A5 processor, while our camera, speaker and size predictions are still holding up.

Also on the menu is iOS 5 and the possibility that MobileMe will become (at long last) a free service. The latter’s been taken off sale, suggesting that some sort of plans are afoot. We can but hope.