Apple invites go out for September 12th event – iPhone 5 incoming

That big "5" on the invite is a whopping great clue – only a few days to go until Apple's new iPhone is revealed

Apple has started sending out invites to a September 12th launch event – more than likely for the new iPhone 5, going by the big "5" that appears as the shadow on the invite.

It's not particularly surprising news, since the date was leaked by Sharp's president weeks back – but it bodes well for other rumours. These include an iPhone 5 with a 4in display, a thinner body, that smaller dock connector, an underside audio jack, and finally a new nano-SIM.

Which of these rumours will become a reality remains to be seen, but at least we only have eight days to wait on tenterhooks.

UPDATE: Read our iPhone 5 review

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