Apple to introduce 13in iPad Pro next year?

Rumours abound that Cupertino is readying a larger tablet for a 2014 release
Apple iPad Air

Apple is in the process of bringing a larger iPad model to market, according to rumours in the Far East.

Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News claims that Apple is working with Quanta Computer for the manufacture of a tablet with a 12in screen, although there are suggestions from elsewhere that the display will be closer to 13 inches in size. Quanta already builds iMacs and MacBook Pros for Apple.

Maxi Pad

Apple offers the iPad in 9.7in and 7.9in editions, but is known to have experimented with larger tablet sizes in the run-up to launch. There’s little speculation into whether a larger model would offer the same functionality as its smaller brethren, or use its bigger screen to bring more features to the table.

With Apple well known for playing its cards close to its chest concerning upcoming products, we won’t get any sort of official news out of Cupertino. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled and ears open for any more rumours and leaks concerning this possible larger model – reportedly called the iPad Pro.

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