Apple iMac refresh with Ivy Bridge CPUs coming in June

Supply chain tipsters spill the beans on slimline iMacs with Core i5 and i7 CPUs – and anti-reflective screens

Apple is set to update its line of iMacs in either June or July, adding next-gen Ivy Bridge CPUs from Intel to its signature all-in-one computers.

That's according to How To Arena (via AppleInsider), which claims that a reliable tipster in the Chinese supply chain – with "a good track record of providing information related to Macs" – has revealed that the new iMac will arrive in June or July, packing Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Intel is expected to take the wraps off its Ivy Bridge processors later this month.

Apple's also reportedly decided that, upon reflection, a bit of extra gloss is a bad thing – Cupertino has placed orders from supplier G-Tech for anti-reflective glass expected to be included on the new line of iMacs, according to Digitimes. That would fix a perennial complaint of iMac users – that while a reflective screen may look lovely, it's a nightmare to use in direct sunlight.

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