Apple iBooks 2 textbooks more interesting than school, say sales

Teachers scratch their heads as students rush Apple’s iBookstore to download learning materials
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There’s no official Apple brag yet (don’t worry – it’ll come), but third-party research is reporting impressive figures for Apple’s new iBooks 2 digital textbooks for iPad.

The figures from Global Equities Research (picked up by All Things D) suggest over 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from Apple’s updated iBookstore in its first three days online. The company also estimates iBooks Author – software used to create the digital texts – was downloaded some 90,000 times.

Of course, not all of those will have been from eager beaver students. Even we rushed off to download a few tomes for our iBooks 2 hands on review and many in the educational publishing industry will have poked their inquisitive noses into Apple’s new venture. Even so, less than a week after Apple announced iBooks 2 would reinvent the textbook, it appears to be striding purposefully towards delivering that promise.

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