Apple goes mad, releases multi-button mouse

Someone must have spiked Apple's drink; after years of one-button mice, it's only gone and launched the multi-button Mighty Mouse. Apple fans have been resuscitated, computer stores cordoned off and the Doomsday planes requested. We give you the lowdown o

It's white, it's mighty and it's Apple's first multi-button mouse. But is it revolutionary or just a caving in to convention?

Well, there's still the (somewhat irksome) one-button functionality for old-school Appleheads, though we can't imagine many will buy it for that. Fortunately the Mighty One also has four programmable buttons for those after futuristic features like a right-click. Two buttons are at the front either side of a midline pivot, while the other two are accessed by squeezing the sides and pressing the Scroll ball.

The scroll ball itself looks very handy. It's not completely revolutionary, working much like Microsoft's tilt wheel, but looks perfect for whizzing around web pages at reckless speeds. The corded look seems also like a step back, though a Bluetooth version is rumoured to be in the pipeline.

It's available now for £35 from Apple's store.