Apple giving free new Nano to first gen owners

If you’ve got a first gen Nano, riddled with battery issues, Apple will sort you a new Nano, free

The headline of this story says it all – but let’s say it again because it’s such great news: if you’ve got a first generation iPod Nano (the ones with faulty batteries) Apple is sending out current iPod Nanos as part of its recall and replacement program.

The reason this is such great news is the raft of improvements you’ll get for free. If you were an early responder and replaced yours at the initial recall in November you will have just got a replacement first gen Nano. You should probably look away now.

For those that have been lazy – owing to lack of stock of first gen Nanos – Apple is sending out brand new Nanos, according to MacRumours. That means upgrading to a multitouch display, accelerometer (which doubles as a pedometer), FM radio and clock faces (with option watch straps) all for free. Best of all this battery not only works but keeps going for a huge 24-hours of non-stop music.

We wouldn't be surprised if some unscrupulous gadgeteers find their way to eBay – where a working first gen Nano will set you back £35, and a faulty one even less – pick up an old Nano and trade it in for a new £115 Nano. Not that we would endorse such scurrilous behaviour, of course.

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