Apple event rumour round-up

1. New iPods - cameras or no cameras?The rumours have been swirling for some time about a refresh of the iPod range – with updates expected for

1. New iPods - cameras or no cameras?

The rumours have been swirling for some time about a refresh of the iPod range – with updates expected for the iPod touch and nano, and talk that the Classic's days are numbered.

Whispers started early on about camera additions to both the touch and nano, with patents cropping up and showing it was certainly something Apple was considering.

However more recently we got a look at confirmed accessories for the "5G nano and 3G touch" which showed no camera holes or size changes of the products, perhaps suggesting more subtle software changes rather than anything physical.

This could also tie in with talk as recent as today that said cameras for iPods were on hold due to some dodgy camera modules.

We definitely think we'll have some iPod movement today, but exactly what they'll unveil is still a bit of a mystery.

Stuff probability meter: ***** (but the jury's still out on the cameras)

2. iPhone OS 3.1 update

We know the big 3.0 OS update is due to get a minor update, after news from users on Apple's Development Programmme leaked through about small tweaks such as less destructive video editing, quicker boot time and voice control over Bluetooth.

Probably the most exciting thing hoped for from the 3.1 update is that it will allow for augmented reality apps so there'll be no more need for jailbreaking.

We're not sure this will be released tomorrow, but we wouldn't count out getting some news about it.

Stuff probability meter: ***

3. Beatles coming to iTunes

While iTunes is a brilliant resource for the majority of music, not having one of the biggest bands of all time in your catalogue has got to sting. However, there has been talk that Apple is set to announce the Fab Four will be joining the millions of other tunes on its service in the near future.

What's kicked off these rumours? Today's keynote is on the same day as the launch of Beatles remastered albums as well as the new Beatles Rock Band game. They do say things come in threes...

Of course the only thing throwing us off this scent is the tagline for the keynote referencing a Rolling Stones song with "It's only rock and roll", so it's anyones guess.

Stuff probability meter: ***

4. iTunes 9 to get Facebook and Twitter integration

We first got wind of iTunes 9 a few months ago, with new additions rumoured including the integration of social networking programmes such as Twitter, Facebook and

It's thought iTunes 9 will bring all of your social networks together under a "Social" heading on the menu, and then allow you to update all your statuses at once, and share details of the music you're listening to as well.

Exact details on how it would work haven't been detailed, but some rather convincing screen grabs have – so we're pretty sure it's on the way.

It's also thought to come with an improved interface, Blu-ray support and the ability to organise iPhone apps.

Stuff probability meter: *****

5. Apple Mac iTablet

The iTablet has been the hottest Apple rumours since the new iPhone this year, with patents coming to the surface and sources coming out of the woodwork to tell all on the production of the new devices.

Although we're sure they're on the way (heck, Steve Jobs almost confirmed them himself), we think it's perhaps a little early to be unveiling them – especially when the keynote invite and tagline seemed keen to put across the main emphasis was going to be on music.

When the iTablet is announced, we'd expect it'll want to be centre of attention, so unfortunately we reckon this is one we'll have to wait for.

Stuff probability meter: *

Let us know what you think we'll see announced at the keynote later today below, and check back from 6pm tonight when we will be bringing you all the announcements as they happen.