Apple employees could already be using the iPad 3 with iOS 6

A website has found evidence of the iPad 3 in their server logs, running iOS 6. The plot thickens....

Apple employees already seem to be using the iPad 3, according to Ars Technica. Its website has had over 300 visits from a mythical device with a 2048x1536 screen. Ring any bells? 

Last month we reported on an allegedly leaked 2048x1536 iPad 3 retina display which made its rounds on the interwebs and caused quite a stir as it seemingly confirmed the pixel-packing display that the iPad 3 has long been expected to have.

Ars Techinica also discovered that the same mystery device was running iOS 6, a significant step up from the current iOS 5.0.1. This means that Apple could also be showing off its next iOS iteration this Wednesday and could possibly release its new iPad 3 with the shiny new OS straight out of the box.

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