Apple dual-screen apps incoming

Brightcove has developed what could be the future of Apple TV, allowing developers to create dual-screen apps

Nearly every film set in the future features a multi-screen control station. Seeing that as inevitable Brightcove has jumped ahead and created a tool that allows developers to make dual-screen Apple apps easily – making your sofa a futuristic control station.

Brightcove’s clever idea is to allow developers to come up with apps that use dual-screens over Apple’s AirPlay with Apple TV. That means, for example, you’ll be able to cue up a film on your iPad, throw it up on the big screen, then use the iPad to read about that film, browse other options, and cue up more on your playlist. But since this is for developers that's just the start: iPad controlled big screen gaming, live TV quizes, or using your iPhone as a rear-view mirror while playing a driving game on the big screen could all be incoming.

Apple currently allows iPhones and iPads to use AirPlay to mirror your mobile on the big screen. It doesn’t allow third-party apps to be developed for Apple TV. This developer tool will mean users can bypass that problem and get apps on the big screen controlled by the iPad or iPhone. Check out the video for more details of the exciting potential right near the Apple Television announcement.

The new Dual-Screen App Solution is found in the App Cloud software development kit and is available to the open-source community.

[Via AppleInsider]

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