Apple to drop MobileMe price to £15?

Apple’s cloud storage and syncing service could be dropping its price to lure new users

Cloud computing’s a nice idea – no more hard drives to crash or move music, videos and pictures to and from, just a great locker in the sky you can access from any suitable gadgetry and find your stuff.

Apple’s MobileMe ought to be the go-to service for the increasing number of Macheads, then. If people are willing to queue all day for an iPad 2, surely they’ll stump up for a £60-a-year subscription to Apple’s syncing and storage solution?

Apparently not. They like shiny stuff, but aren’t tempted by coughing up for some intangible service. With Apple allegedly gearing up to launch a cloud-based iTunes, run through MobileMe, now might be a good time to drop that price. And that’s the rumour kicking off this week – with annual subs claimed to be coming down to around a pound a month, or £10-15.

We’d rather it was free, but this’ll be welcome enough news if it turns out to be true. We live in hope.

[via Music Void]


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