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Apple culls iPad 3, but iPad 2 lives another day

The new iPad 3 bites the dust a mere 7 months after its release while the iPad 2 continues to solider on

Our ears are still ringing from Apple’s iPad Mini launch and among the torrent of shiny iThing launch news came the surprising revelation that the iPad 3 will no longer exist. It ceases to be. It is an ex-iPad 3.

Why, we hear you cry? Well, it’s been replaced by a newer model, the iPad 4. Or what could also easily be called the iPad 3S, thanks to its identical design, a 2x faster processor, 720p front camera and 4G LTE and Lightning dock connector.

Not unwelcome improvements by any means, but for iPad 3 launch owners who’ve barely had enough time to even scratch their beloved tablet, the quick replacement could leave a sour taste in more than a few mouths.

The iPad 2 with its non-Retina Display and old dock connector on the other hand lives on, albeit without an expected price cut.

The new Apple roster is settled then, with the 7.9in iPad Mini, 9.7in iPad 2 and iPad 4 all waiting to be snapped up this Christmas.

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