Apple cleans up at Stuff Cool List Awards

Stuff announced its highly anticipated 10 coolest gadgets in the world, last night. Setting in stone the definition of 'cool' for 2007.The evening was

Stuff announced its highly anticipated 10 coolest gadgets in the world, last night. Setting in stone the definition of 'cool' for 2007.The evening was led by Editor-in-Chief Tom Dunmore who also handed out the Coolest Gadget Ever Award, the Readers' Choice Award and the International Award. So many awards! 'Who won what?', I hear you cry. 10 – Apple NanoTaking the number 10 spot was Apple’s new Nano range; sporting video playback and a scroll wheel – like it thinks it’s a grown-up iPod. We also loved the five different colours, the sharp quality video and huge battery life.9 – Sony Ericsson MBW-150Sony Ericsson stole the number nine spot with its MBW-150 wristwatch. The Bluetooth accessory handily vibrates to alert you to incoming calls, lets you receive or decline calls and allows you to control the music on your Sony Ericsson.8 – WattsonThe DIY Kyoto Wattson took the number eight spot. It displays the power you’re using at home, wirelessly, letting you keep tabs on your energy bills. Glowing in lovely neon colours, the Wattson syncs with your PC so you can boast how green your house is all over the web. 7 – The Shanling MC-30The Shanling MC-30 MP3/CD amp earned the number seven spot. The striking old-school design uses valve technology to churn out gorgeous hi-fi sound from your MP3 player, and its built-in CD player.6 – Sony Ericsson W880iSony Ericsson took the number six spot with the W880i mobile phone. We couldn’t get enough of the slim-line design with its sexy brushed body. It also has one of the nicest music players the mobile phone hasseen in seen in ages backed up by an extraordinary battery life. 

5 – Nintendo WiiThe Big N’s turn-around from niche gaming granddad to inspired gaming mastermind is largely thanks to its Wii gaming console. Its ingenious wireless remote control detects motion, making games easy and intuitive. Even our mums love it. An effortless number five position.4 – Sony Vaio UX1All over the number four spot like a flannel was Sony’s UMPC (that’s Ultra Mobile PC, everyone). The Vaio UX1 squeezes a Vista-packing PC into a device only slightly larger than your hand. Think that’s impressive? It also crams in full wireless support, a touch screen, a full qwerty keyboard and a speedy 32GB flash memory hard drive.3 – Tonium PacemakerOne of the best MP3 DJing gadgets we’ve seen in a long time, the Tonium Pacemaker easily nabbed the number three spot. You can mix your own digital sounds with its classy touch controls, 120GB hard disk and its pro-like pitch bending.2 – Leica M8Sitting in the number two spot was the Leica M8 digital camera. Its retro-chic stylings hide a 10 megapixel image sensor, legendary Leica optics and full manual control. Easily one of the nicest snappers we’ve stuck in a pocket.1 – Apple iPhoneApple’s iPhone took top place in Stuff’s Cool List 2007. The mobile to end all mobiles pipped all the other top-name entries to earn the planet’s biggest gadget accolade.The touchscreen device redefined how humans interact with their phones as well as offering almost every feature no self-respecting mobile should be without.  How could we resist?

Duracell Reader’s Choice AwardApple’s iPhone was voted best gadget by the readers of Stuff magazine. The innovative touch screen made your mouths drool, its seamless iTunes link up made you giddy with delight and its sexy design gave you naughty dreams. Don’t worry, we understand.The Cool List International AwardSamsung picked up the prestigious International Award. Stuff’s 23 international editors decided the South Korean gadget king proved itself formidable in all areas of technology – from digital cameras to LCD TVs, via mobile phones and laptops.Stuff & The Telegraph’s Digital Life, Greatest Gadget Ever AwardAfter frenzied voting by the readers of and the Telegraph's Digital Life, the Apple iPod was voted the greatest gadget ever.The stylish digital music player has dominated the market since its first incarnation in 2001. The odds are you own one, or the person next to you owns one, anyway.Related stories:Review: Apple iPhoneReview: Sony Ericsson W880iReview: Wattson