Apple buys PlaceBase mapping service - Google Maps days numbered?

What was once a very cosy relationship between Apple and Google, now seems to be falling apart at the seams, with the news Apple has rather quietly bo

Back in August, Google’s CEO quit his position on the Apple board of directors, at a time when the two companies were becoming more and more in competition with one another.

Since then, the two have come to loggerheads over the refusal of both the Google Voice and Google Latitude apps.

Now the purchase of PlaceBase would suggest Apple is wanting to kick Google Maps off the iPhone and replace it with its own mapping service. We certainly wouldn’t expect it to buy a company it wasn’t going to use.

PlaceBase is apparently superior to Google’s offering thanks to the ability to customise your maps, and layer data over the top of them as well.

When will we see the maps appear? It could be some time, but it’ll be interesting to see what Apple has planned for it’s new purchase.

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Via: Gizmodo