Apple buys 3D Mapping company – iOS Maps in the works?

Will the iPhone 5 come with highly detailed 3D maps? We certainly hope so

Apple has snapped up its third mapping company, C3 Technologies – so now there's no doubt about Cupertino's intention to offer its own rival to Google Maps.

This latest purchase, reported by 9to5mac, follows the tech giant’s precious acquisition of Placebase (a mapping software development company) in 2009 and Poly9 (another 3D mapping company), last year. But what does this mean for Apple fans?

C3 Technologies will provide the ability for Apple to produce incredibly detailed, high quality 3D maps using fancy camera-based tech. The results – as shown below – are quite spectacular.

Combined with Apple’s anonymous collection of road traffic data, we expect to see a highly sophisticated Cupertino-made Google Maps rival cooked in to the innards of the iPhone 5.

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