Apple to buy Pinterest rival The Fancy

In a bid to get more photo-focused Apple is about to buy a social network

If you haven’t tried Pinterest, you soon may not have to as Apple is in talks to buy up its competition, The Fancy.

The Fancy is a social networking site that lets you snap photos, or save online pics, of what interests you and post it to a blog-come-wall. Apple seems to be moving onto Facebook turf, but according to Business Insider who broke the story, it’s just a method of getting more cash off the 400 million credit cards it already has on file.

Despite Pinterest growing fast, recently doubling its unique daily visitors to 4 million, The Fancy is better built for money – taking 10 percent of all purchases on the site. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a new side to Photo Stream in iOS 6 when the iPhone 5 launches on September 12th. Hold onto your credit cards.

[Via Business Insider]

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