Apple building 5in Retina Displays for iPhone 5 – or iPad Mini?

Is the iPhone growing or the iPad shrinking? Whatever ends up sporting this 5in screen could be the ultimate do-it-all device

Apple is building a 5in Retina Display – which could be used for the iPhone 5 or a rumoured iPad Mini. Reports from a Japanese manufacturer suggest that the 5in Retina Displays are going into production ready for a 2013 device release.

But with the rumour mill working overtime already, it’s tough to decide if this will mean a 5in iPhone 5 or a 5in iPad Mini. We’ve already heard rumours of a 4.6in iPhone 5 and a 7.1in iPad Mini, but this news makes it look like Apple is aiming more for a Galaxy Note sized phone-come-tablet – which wouldn't be a surprise, since the Note has sold a whopping 3 million models in a month.

Whatever the screen ends up fronting, its LCD will reportedly be crammed with 1,600 x 960 pixels (800 x 480) or 1,280 x 960 pixels (640 x 480). The fact that there are two variants could point to there being a 5in iPhone 5 and a 7.1in iPad Mini on their way. All good news – apart from the wait until 2013.

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