Apple bags EMI deal for cloud-based iTunes

With only weeks until Apple’s developer conference, the final parts of Apple’s cloud music jigsaw are falling into place

EMI’s ink is still drying on Apple’s cloud music licensing agreement, nearly a month after Warner Music jotted on the dotted line. That’s two out of the big four and the remaining big dogs (Sony and Universal) should be whipping out their pens in the next few weeks. Apple will be coming in third place behind Google and Amazon in the cloud music game, but its ace-in-the-hole licensing agreements should allow users’ iTunes databases to be scanned instantly, with Apple providing the streamed tunes. Less hassle, more listening. No word on pricing or any other details as of yet, but all eyes will be on the WWDC stage come the 6th of June as Apple encourages us all to stick our heads (and ears) in to the clouds.