Apple App Store good to go on 27 June

Aside from pulling the iPhone 3G out of its box on Monday, Steve Jobs and his buddies talked for an eternity about the new App store. And now it seems

The news comes courtesy of Apple’s official site in Australia, which explicitly states the App store is available that day. The software bump is due to drop at the same time.

That means owners of old school iPhones, along with iPod Touch lovers, can weigh in on the action before their antique kit is laughed out of town. Of course, iPod owners will need to pay for the privilege. UK pricing has yet to be set.

Elsewhere, it’s been confirmed that iTunes will not be going over–the–air, sticking with Wi–Fi courtesy of lovely record companies pining for more cash. Apple is said to be keen, so watch this space.


Apple iPhone 3G

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