Apple announces 128GB Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display

Cupertino bigs up the Retina iPad 4 with a whopping 128GB of storage – the new version comes out February 5th

We reported that Apple was to unveil a 128GB iPad – and so it has come to pass, with the Cupertino tech giant announcing a Retina Display-equipped iPad 4 packing twice the storage of its previous model.

The 128GB iPad 4 will set you back US$800 (£510) with Wi-Fi or US$930 (£590) for the 3G version. This comes as the 128GB Microsoft Surface and 256GB Razor Edge Pro begin Windows 8's assault on the tablet market.

But will a size increase be enough to save Apple from the new wave of slates, with their combined gaming, tablet and computer skills? We’ll have to wait until the 128GB iPad 4’s US release on February 5th to find out.

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