Apple adds multicam editing to Final Cut Pro X

The pro level feature returns to the now not-so-pricey video editing software

When Apple launched Final Cut Pro X it chopped a load of features so that it could make this new version a fraction of the usual price. The problem? Professionals and serious amateurs quite liked the features. Since Apple couldn't exactly charge people £400 extra for the most complicated stuff, it's gone and thrown one biggie – multicam editing – into the free v.10.0.3 update to Final Cut Pro X.

When you're filming with multiple cameras, Final Cut Pro X will once again automatically sync up to 64 angles within your footage and stills, meaning less lining up and timecode checking work for you. The software uses audio waveforms to match up your footage and won't get confused by different frame rates, aspect ratios or formats.

Other new (or returning) features include advanced chroma-key controls and broadcast monitoring via Thunderbolt in beta. And a new £10 third-party app called 7toX now imports Final Cut Pro 7 projects into Final Cut Pro X – something that Apple itself didn't think would work.

If you already own Final Cut Pro X software, head to the Mac App Store to download your free update, otherwise it's £200 for the latest version or you can get a 30 day Final Cut Pro X free trial here. 

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