App of the Week - Tron vs Simon Pegg

Price: £free, £1.79

Platform: Apple iPhone

OK, strictly speaking these are two apps but seeing as one of them is free and they're both stuffed to gills with geekiness, it seems a shame to separate them.

In one, you're beamed inside a fan-boy's dream where every improbable scene and ridiculous high tech sub-plot seems both brand new and nostalgically familiar. And the other one is Tron.

Let's start with Disney's Tron reboot, an impressively coded and disappointingly po-faced game/companion to Tron: Legacy, due out next week. As you'd expect, it looks gorgeous, all shimmering lines of code, neon lines and retro 80s styling.

There's the Daft Punk soundtrack to preview (or buy), a few sketches from the Tron Betrayal prequel graphic novel and trailers to peruse, but everyone should really only be here for the games.

Tanks and Light Cycles are both top-down 2D games with authentically fiddly controls and bitty little graphics. The Tanks game is like Beserker without the fun - just a series of mazes and other tanks to dispatch.

Light Cycles is better but still weak. Yes, you can zip around grid-like arenas, collecting power-ups and creating traps for fellow light cyclists. But the tiny cycles are too small to inspire any sensation of speed. Both games have online multiplayer versions that, like all online multiplayer games, involve getting whipped instantly by teenagers in Idaho.

After all that corporate seriousness, it's a genuine pleasure to dive into The Adventures of Simon Pegg, a charmingly over-the-top wish fulfillment graphic novel that feels comfortably like squeezing into Pegg's head with half a Twix and a Coke Zero.

There are robot butlers, ancient Egyptian artefacts, a saucy cat burglar, underground lairs galore and more nerdy pop culture references than, well, an episode of Spaced. It's beautifully drawn, smoothly animated and all that nonsense but more than that, it's genuinely laugh out loud funny. If only Disney had spent $170 million bringing this to the big screen instead of Legacy...