App of the Week – Trimensional

App of the Week review of Trimensional 3D scanning app

Price: £0.59

Platform: Apple iPhone

Here's an app with a definite shelf life. The minute the LG Optimus 3D Android phone hits the streets in June, anything less than pin-sharp genuinely HD 3D mobile videos will look positively Victorian. Until then, though, this clever 3D scanning app will have you oohing and aahing over weirdly rendered and painfully distorted 3D versions of your face, the cat or anything else you can get to stay still for a moment.

You start by going somewhere very dark and framing yourself with the iPhone 4's front-facing camera. Trimensional then lights up the screen sequentially in its four corners and shoots four photos to match. A second later, a stitched-together 3D composite image pops up on the screen, swaying from side to side with a pseudo 3D effect. The results are a bit pixelly and inaccurate but a lot of fun - especially if you move during exposure.

After you've captured an image you're happy with, you can export it as an animated GIF, a movie clip or a static image. If you're a 3D maestro, you might want to invest another $5 in unlocking the 3D model export function, which gives you the option of OBJ, STL or PLY file formats for further manipulation and even 3D printing.

Trimensional is far from perfect but for iPhone owners who want a peek at 3D glamour without going over to Android, 59p feels like a small price to pay.