App of the Week – Path

The first anti-social network? Path limits you to just 50 friends

Platform: Apple iPhone

Price: £free (available in the UK shortly)

The problem with social networks is they're just too social for some people. All that following, friending, commenting, liking - it's enough to make you want to sit alone in a dark bedroom and put some Nitzer Ebb on the stereo. Or possibly even download Path.

Think of Path as the first anti-social network. Instead of hunting down every last classmate, one night stand and business contact, Path limits you to just 50 friends. No hangars-on, no second cousins, no bosses.

Even better for today's time-pressed anti-socialite, Path eschews virtually all words, relying largely on geo-tagged (and tagged) photos to share your life.

And that's about it. There are no games or quizzes to take, no witty status updates to agonise over and (for the moment at least) no ads. Apparently, Path is 'a place where you can be yourself', as opposed to the carefully constructed Facebook personality you've been cultivating for the last few years.

It's the digital equivalent of a pair of comfy, slightly smelly trainers. A place where you can post a picture of a cheese sandwich, a walk to the corner shop or a cup of tea, confident that only your uncritical nearest and dearest are looking in.

Good luck getting 50 people to sign up.