App of the Week - Inception

Price: £free

Platform: iOS

Films about dreams are a bit of a waste of time. All movies are essentially dreams - I mean, Leonardo di Caprio wandering about looking sharp and blowing things up is ridiculous enough in itself, without adding any additional nonsense like roller-blading zebras or eye-meltingly gorgeous CGI cities exploding.

But apps about dreams are a whole other kettle of fish-with-the-face-of-your-primary-school-teacher. The Inception app pretends to be a dream machine, a device to induce a variety of different audiovisual dreams from the comfort of your iPhone.

At its heart is a dream map that you gradually unlock by entering different dream states. Some can be unlocked by simply sitting still or moving fast, others require you to go to Africa (seriously) or wait for a full moon.

Each dream generates a different soundscape, merging elements of the Inception soundtrack (courtesy of the multi-talented Johnny Marr) with sounds picked up by the iPhone's microphone.

The results are nothing short of incredible, an infinite audio mash-up that swells, ebbs and flows through your head. A bus journey turns into an ambient orchestral event, or a walk through the woods into a spooky adventure.

Sure, Inception will appeal most to fans of minimalist electronic music but several states (especially Still or Travelling) are also handy for helping you concentrate or relax: it beats counting sheep to get to sleep. It multi-tasks too, so you can dream while you're playing Angry Birds - and additional dream states are promised soon.