App of the Week – Contour

Use your iPhone as a wireless viewfinder for your Contour GPS camera and blow your mind

Platform: iOS

Price: £free

When is your iPhone not an iPhone? When it's part of a mountain-scaling, trail-riding, butt-kicking action camera. You're probably used to your iPhone doubling up as a remote control or a sat nav, but this free app does something even cleverer - integrates it into the tough, stylish Contour GPS action camera as a wireless viewfinder.

It's a clever idea. Instead of Contour trying to squeeze a crappy little screen into their svelte, pistol-style brushed aluminium camera, they're leveraging the device that many of their snowboarding, dirt biking, hang-gliding customers already own - giving a better display and more functionality to boot.

First step is updating your Contour GPS camera (yep, it saves geo-data alongside your Full HD vids of broken limbs), then pairing the camera and iPhone with a mysterious 'hidden' Bluetooth button on the Contour. The iPhone immediately displays a live feed of the Contour, letting you frame shots and level the horizon more accurately than even the Contour's built-in red lasers allow. (Particularly great if you've helmet-mounted the camera already).

Hit the settings icon and you can tweak the camera's setting, changing quality, resolution and frame rate in a flash. Advanced menus also let you boost sound, fiddle with the white balance and even the contrast and sharpness. The system isn't perfect yet - we had a few hiccups with the camera unpairing after shooting a few clips - but make no mistake - this is the future of technology. One phone, a million gadgety accessories. You saw it here first.