App of the Week – Apple Store

Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch Price: Free (but US only) Two years after the App Store opened for business and with five billion apps down

Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch

Price: Free (but US only)

The app is slow to load for the first time, thanks to a tsunami of slick photo galleries, features and tech specs of Apple's latest gadgets. Here you can find details of the iPhone 4, iPad and even today's re-boot of the Mac mini.

There are help FAQs, phone and email contact details and an App Store-alike button that makes it dangerously easy to thousands of dollars worth of desirables to your basket. Customer reviews are promised but there's no sign of them in the app at the moment.

Naturally, the app can seek out your nearest store, where you can reserve products, explore upcoming events and reserve workshops and one-on-one spots at the Genius Bar. If you're not careful, it will also bombard you with a bunch of push notifications - handy enough, I suppose, if you tend to forget those days where you have to get up at 4am to queue for a new iPhone.

Talking of which, it seems Apple might have chosen the wrong day to launch a retail app. The US iTunes store is flooded with complaints from people unable to reserve their iPhone for next week's launch, with the app constantly crashing. Fingers crossed this is fixed by the time the Apple Store app reaches the UK - and also that an iPad version launches alongside.