Anti Sleep Pilot stops you falling asleep at the wheel

Dozing drivers could be kept alert by ASP’s cunning dash-mount device

When you’re tired, you go to sleep. It’s your body’s equivalent of plugging in your phone overnight. Do it at the wheel, though, and it can kill you and other people unfortunate enough to be on the same stretch of road. Surely there’s a gadget for that?

There is now. ASP’s Anti Sleep Pilot has a bevy of sensors (accelerometer, precision timing, light, reaction and microphone) to keep you alert at the controls – or tell you to pull over.

The £130 gadget clips on to a magnetic dash mount which also acts as an on/off switch. And if you own a fleet of vehicles, you can buy extra ASP mounting discs for £7 a pop. iPhone users can get in on the action via an app (£12.99) and there’s an Android app in the post. It’s out in the UK on Tuesday, 19th of July. Bon voyage.


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